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Coast Sea Real Estate Broker in Dubai

About Coast Sea Real EstateCoast Sea Real Estate has already made a mark on the real estate landscape of Dubai. Tapping the true potential of the land, Coast Sea Real Estate has undertaken prestigious projects with residential, commercial and retail functions. The company is committed to quality and delivering unequaled real estate solutions that meet the customers’ needs.

Our vision is to maintain the highest quality standards and business practices, teamwork and by keeping our customers’ needs paramount.

Our mission is to surpass expectations in every aspect, consistently deliver high quality and constantly improve and innovate to provide value for money solutions to our customers.

  • To deliver maximum value for money to customers and the best financial results to stakeholders
  • To build a business environment based on teamwork, excellence and mutual respect
  • To conduct business with the highest ethical standards
  • To exceed customer expectations

At Coast Sea Real Estate, clients from all across the globe have been satisfied with their demands. Looking for ultra-modern residential places to fully equipped office space for trade and business Coast Sea Real estate are pioneers in the luxury properties business, leading the direction for the future with dedicated team committed to excellence. We have an impressive track record of delivering results and establishing long term relationships with owners, developers and investors with exceptional personalized service, nationwide.

Our mission - to be one of the main providers of property management services for our clients to meet all household needs adequate and personalized service. We cover all areas of Dubai: residential property (houses, apartments), commercial (offices, shops). We supervises, directs maintenance of the leased property and direct contact with residents.
We offer maintenance services of your property in Dubai, If you own property in Dubai but not permanently residence in the country, the company Coast Sea Real Estate & Property Management is ready to offer you a full range of management services for your property. Currently we are managing more than 60 houses.

Our team of professionals with 8 years experience in the market of Dubai, speak several languages (Russian, English, Arabic and many others).

We provide a range of the following services:

  • Marketing real estate and search for the most suitable tenant and Letting Property Rentals.
  • Personal meetings with tenants.
  • Rent collection and timely payment of utility bills.
  • Cash transfers to the bank account of the owner.
  • Registration in municipal companies (electricity, water, gas, building maintenance, telephone and cable TV).
  • Providing a monthly financial report.
  • Removing all current technical problems with the property.
  • Periodic inspections of the property during the lease term.
  • Cleaning up after the eviction and Preliminary cleaning before a new tenant Universe.
  • Register rental contracts in the system Ejari- system controlled by Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authirity (RERA).
  • Gathering the necessary documents and issue (if necessary delivery ) lease.
  • Solution of all kinds of questions tenant.
  • Providing full inspection / Property Inventory Tool as before and after the invasion of the tenant.
  • Organization of repair if necessary.
  • Handing over the keys and parking cards tenant.
  • Rent collection, storage and depositing cheques to the bank , ensuring timely payment of rent amounts to the owner.
  • Overview of the rental market , the market value of the lease extension agreements with the tenant.
  • Assistance in connecting utility bills on behalf of the owner.
  • Organization and production of furnishing and design apartments.
  • Assistance in preparation of NOC (certificate from the developer, permissive resale of property).
  • Payment for maintenance services on behalf of the owner to the office developer.
  • Representing the interests of the owner in the Municipality of Dubai in cases of disputes with tenants.
  • Assistance in opening a bank account in Dubai for non- residents.
  • In consultation provide personalized recommendations based on your goals and opportunities in all aspects of the real estate market in Dubai.